Mission, Vision & Values


handshakeBenhaul is committed to offering highly specialized and technologically advanced logistical solutions within the supply chain.
We are committed to:

•Provide innovative and cost effective transport solutions that meet customer’s specialized needs
•Keep abreast of industry technology to continually enhance our service offering to customers ensuring peace of mind.
•Deliver a high value service to our customers focusing on reliability, efficiency and unwavering dedication to quality
•Act with integrity and respect in our dealings with our customers, fellow colleagues and service providers
•Continually train our staff & create an environment in which staff are motivated and take pride in working for Benhaul.

Our Vision

Benhaul aims to provide affordable, one stop logistical services for all types of road transportation locally and cross-border. We strive to be the most successful transportation company in the regional industry and to continually improve our market share by offering competitive rates in conjunction with superior service, optimal us of available resources, innovation and cost saving initiatives.

teamworkOur Values

• We believe in satisfying our customers needs
• We respect individuals
• We provide a non-discriminatory, healthy, safe and challenging work environment
• We are committed to improving the quality of life of our employees
• We strive for security of employment
• We act professionally and with integrity




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